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Engagement Through Branding

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

How does a fabulous event increase brand visibility?

Today's consumers are a bit more savvy...and corporations know this. Consumers want the full experience when connecting with your brand; which is why so many elements have become an integral part of the overall brand experience.

What better way to connect with your potential customers than a well executed event? Events, done right, are personal and highly effective in establishing an emotional connection with customers and prospects. Events provide a physical presence to your customers that helps build trust, a fundamental component of brand loyalty.

So, now that the "why" has been established, be sure to integrate the following into your branded events:

1. Brand Messaging - It's not enough to merely have brand messaging on a company's website or on promotional products at a booth - the message must be subtle and infused  everywhere from the basic flow of the event to swag bags and even interactive exhibits and activities. Today's consumer, particularly millennials, don't want to be 'sold to' but instead, want their support of organizations to grow organically and based on indirect influence.

2. Values - A huge movement in today's market is 'conscious capitalism'; where companies integrate a broader mission and purpose of positively impacting communities into their branding. If this is communicated effectively, consumers are more likely to buy into the brand, support it and become brand advocates because they feel they are contributing to the community. Values should be subtle and infused into the messaging at events as well.

3. Customer Experience- The event must add value to guests and most of all, be a memorable experience that is buzz-worthy! Integrate elements in the event which stimulate sensory reactions through music, food and even a signature scent. Ever wonder why high-end hotels have a very subtle, distinct fragrance that permeates the lobby and suites? It is all about the experience!

Remember, the most important aspect of your business is your customers’ opinion…

For more tips on creating branded events, follow the Go Savvy Blog.

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