• Savannah Becerril

4 Tips To Secure A Successful NYE Party

Are you waiting until the clock strikes 12 to make your holiday plans? We’ve got 4 tips for you to celebrate in style without the stress that usually comes when planning during the holidays. 

If you haven’t already, start marketing now!  Don’t wait any longer! Odds are, your hopeful invitees have already considered 3-5 other events during this season. You want to get your event to the top of their minds for commitment on RSVPs. Additionally, they need to decide what to wear and bring. So start as early as possible and market your event.

A great benefit of hiring Go Savvy is we catch the small details that matter in making your event one to remember year after year. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your holiday party!

Upgrade your event to VIP level for this once in a lifetime night...  (that also happens to come around every year). This New Year’s Eve, promote a luxurious atmosphere by offering premium drinks or limited access to areas in your event space. Early access, private restrooms, or even a lounge will help you supplement cost of goods as well as spark a profit.

Pre-plan for rides like Uber, Lyft or taxis for those guests that have had one too many drinks.  Better safe than sorry! Plus, your guests will be extremely appreciative of you watching out for their safety. 

Don’t leave your guests hungry at the end of the night!  Consider ordering your favorite late night snack for your guests. It could be 100 tacos from Taco Bell or a bunch of pizzas. The best part is most fast food restaurants only need about a days’ notice to prepare for your event. 

To all of our subscribers, clients, and friends, thank you for a wonderful year! Remember Go Savvy for your upcoming events in 2020! Go Savvy takes the pressure off of planning a memorable occasion. 

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Cheers!  The Go Savvy Team

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