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When Life Gets In The Way...

Life happens. A phrase we all know well.

Hurricane Harvey, the 2017 World Series (we’re not talking about last week just yet 😩), President George H.W. Bush’s funeral, Houston’s Pride Festival taking over all of downtown… And that doesn’t even count for sudden personal life events! When these big occurrences happen, what does that mean for your upcoming event? 

Go Savvy loves to have backup plans for each event to respond when life simply happens. Do you continue or cancel your event?  If you continue, do you want to pivot the purpose to address what’s going on? Or do you ignore the community event and stick with the existing plan? Go Savvy can help answer some of those questions for your next event. Click here to connect with us. How to Pivot Your Plans When a Major Community Event Happens

Cancel or Reschedule Your Event Sometimes, the community event is just too big or too distracting to continue. The only option may be to cancel or reschedule. You may have experienced a bad cancellation before. It can leave a bad taste in your mouth with the hosts. That’s why a well-done cancellation can actually showcase the integrity of your brand. Be quick, accurate, honest, and especially humble in notifying everyone through every outlet possible. Email and social media are easy ways to communicate the message; however, do not underestimate calling those that have not received or may not receive the message in a timely manner.

Pay a Small Homage Another great way to acknowledge what’s going on in the community is to take a moment of silence or ask for donations for that specific cause. You can also invite the affected group to the event for honoring and support. 

Pivot the Purpose of Your Event

Dedicate most, if not all, of the event to the situation at hand. Weave that circumstance into the whole event. Go Savvy ran into this exact situation with our Hashtag Girls Night Out event. The Instagram event was hosted the same weekend as the Houston Pride Festival, so we installed an LGBT section for attendees to feel like they were a part in the city-wide celebration. 

Whatever the change is, you can maintain the integrity of your brand and even improve your relationship with your customers if you react quickly and humbly. P.S. Don’t forget to respond back if they reach out with further questions! 

Our biggest planning tip for your next event is that change is inevitable, so embrace the flow. Don’t panic, everything will be alright! If you need help planning your next event, Go Savvy is here to help.

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination" - James Dean 

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