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3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Event To Sponsor

Today, few functions occur without sponsorship dollars. As the idea of tangible experiences through events continues to gain popularity, the cost of venues, décor, entertainment, and catering is also increasing. Choosing to sponsor an event is one of the most powerful marketing tools a company can use... Especially when the event’s views and audience are aligned with your company’s. Oftentimes, brands struggle to find relevant and meaningful opportunities. Today’s blog is all about finding the perfect event to sponsor that will increase awareness and engagement with your brand.

3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Event To Sponsor

Once you’ve decided that you want to sponsor, you need to find those events. Here are our 3 tips for finding the perfect event to sponsor that will boost your brand visibility and potentially bring you new customers.

1. Attend Events That You Enjoy

The first tip is to start attending events that you enjoy. As a business owner, you know your customers or client base best. Would they attend this type of event? The goal is to find a function where your prospective customers will be at. Here are some additional things to look for while you’re at the event.

Discover the Overall Goal

As you experience an event, find out if their overall goal is something you’d feel comfortable supporting with your business. We recommend that your company goals and values need to align with the event you are looking to sponsor. If you skip this step, you risk not experiencing the return you expect – or worse, a decrease in your brand value.

Consider the Current Sponsors List

Look at the current sponsors list for this event and how your company will fit in with them, but also stand out. Ideally, your company needs to be the only one serving your industry. An event does not need 4 BMW dealerships to sponsor it. You’re going to risk being overshadowed by the other companies in your industry. Or worse, event goers will just ignore your brand.

Find the Right People

Approach personnel who oversee production. Often times, the event planner or production manager can point you directly to the main point of contact of the event to seek additional information.

2. Let the World Know

Often, event creators don’t know who to reach out to when an event needs sponsorship. If they do, they tend to reach out to the same popular sponsor companies who have a history of sponsoring their past or similar functions. Event organizers are sometimes nervous about approaching new sponsor companies and the prospect of being turned down. But organizers must have a go-getter attitude to secure sponsor companies. Announcing your availability as a sponsor will provide event creators with the green light that you are approachable. Sponsors have two clear goals: Make it obvious that you’re available for sponsorship and make it clear what you intend to sponsor

Make It Obvious That You’re Available

As you're letting the world know your company wants to sponsor an event, it's critical you make it obvious that your company is willing to sponsor suitable opportunities. Additionally, explain why you're interested in sponsoring an event. You can publish your interest on the following:

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Storefront with a small sign or notice

Make It Clear What You Intend To Sponsor

To minimize over-solicitation, make it clear what you intend to sponsor. There are numerous angles you can take. First, narrow in on the event focus. For example, some events focus on family friendly, adults only, ethnic/cultural, or special needs type events.

Next, you can determine the size of the event you want to sponsor. Attendance may vary from 25-50, 100-500, 1000 and more. Each event size is going to differ in the response you can expect to receive as well as the cost of sponsorship. Finally, you should provide specific details about the sponsorship that your company can offer – money, goods, and/or services.

As a quick bonus to improve the value of your corporate sponsorship, it is often worth outlining the desired sponsorship benefits. For example, some of those benefits could including:

  • An information table about your company to show your support

  • Use of your logo on advertisements, billboards, banners, brochures, t-shirts and/or marketing to help promote the function

  • Email your customers about the event and why your company is sponsoring it

3. Search Online to Find Sponsorship Opportunities

To find corporate sponsorship opportunities from the comfort of your desk, search online. In today’s digital world, many of the events are hosted on company websites or more likely, platforms created for events.


SponsorMyEvent.com caters to both the sponsors and the sponsee, providing a platform for collaboration between the two. As a sponsor, freely search events in your area that request specific levels of sponsorship. Should you find an event that may be a potential sponsored candidate, contact the organizer to set up a meeting. It’s that simple! The downside… SponsorMyEvent.com isn’t as well known as the other platforms we’ll go into shortly. As a result, your options may be limited within your immediate area.


Eventbrite is the most famous event ticketing platform for consumers with a clear mission... Bring the world together through live experiences. Similarly to SponsorMyEvent.com, use Eventbrite to browse thousands of events in your area. The organizer’s contact information is usually listed at the bottom of the event page. Reach out to let them know you’re interested in their event and would like to know more on how to get involved as a sponsor. Again, it’s that simple.

Other Platforms

SponsorMyEvent.com or Eventbrite do not have exclusivity on events. You can find events on other platforms, such as:

  • Ticketbud

  • Eventful

  • Facebook Events

Event browsing search engines are increasing in popularity as more and more parties are hosting events (usually but not always outside of the corporate environment) and event planners have to go to where their target audience will be at.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Event to Sponsor?

There is a lot more that goes into landing a corporate sponsorship deal once you’ve found them, including the following:

  • Aligning goals

  • Creating a win-win situation or mutually beneficial relationship

  • Convincing companies to choose your company over another company if there’s competition

  • Using your corporate sponsorship well

As always, your Go Savvy team is here to help. If you need help finding the perfect sponsorship opportunity, book a complimentary 1-hour Savvy consultation.

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