• Savannah Becerril

Why Hire A Corporate Event Planner

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Considering hiring a corporate event planner but unsure if they are worth the hype? We at Go Savvy have put a list together to provide you with reasons on why hiring an event planner is the way to go!

Time Management

Planning an event by yourself can be a challenging task, especially if you are in full-time employment. Many do not realize the amount of time management necessary to not only pull off a successful event but also make it memorable with a bang.An event planner would aid in managing time required to plan the event as well as the schedule day of. A professional and dedicated event planner will go all the way to ensure that your event meets each deadline, is within budget, and is an unforgettable occasion.

Cut Costs

Many companies choose to plan their events because they think event planners are expensive and the task of DIY will help save money. However, hiring a corporate event planner can aid in reducing costs of throwing an event. Often times, event planners have access to negotiate lower fees, especially when they have established relationships with key venues and vendors. Corporate event planners can even advise you on where to cut corners with cost and stay within budget.

Experience and Guidance

Event planners select the industry due to a history of experience, savvy skillset, and a passion to see your dream event come to fruition. Many companies who DIY event planning will not have the savvy know-how and emotional collectiveness to put out “fires”. However, corporate event planners have seen it all and have learned to roll with the punches in case the unexpected occurs. Furthermore, a good event planner will host a post-event debrief with you to discuss the successfulness of your event and how things can be improved for the next occasion.

Don’t work harder, work smarter and hire a corporate event planner today!

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