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How To Find Sponsors

What is the #1 reason for securing event sponsors?

You want something for your event and you can’t get it on your own.

Today, event sponsors are common as it provides a copacetic relationship that reinforces your event initiative while highlighting their brand. Check out our brief list of pointers on how you can secure an event sponsor.

1. Set a goal

a. Know how much of each resource you need for your event (money & product)

2. Create a list of sponsors

a. List potential sponsors whose vision co-aligns with yours

b. Start with companies within your community

c. You don't just want money and products, you want to build a lasting relationship as well as be able to confidently return on their investment

3. Create a Sponsorship Packet

a. Include your story, event purpose, demographic, sponsor benefits, and your business team actively engaged in the event process

b. Be creative, get to the point, and clearly state the breakdown of sponsor benefits vs. sponsor levels

c. Promise specific deliverables

4. Reach out to sponsors in person or by telephone

a. Provide them with a well-written, brief letter of intent in person or via email

b. Make it personal by addressing each sponsor by name but stay professional and clear with what you are requesting

c. Include 1-2 details of their brand that you will only know if you take the time to research their company beforehand

5. Follow Up

a. Set a schedule of follow up calls or in-person visits

b. As you kindly follow up, briefly remind them of the opportunity they have to work together

Pro Tip: There are numerous examples of Sponsorship Packets online. Take time to review a handful as most provide a basic layout to follow. However, be sure to stand out with a creative look or unique advantage expressed. Companies who provide annual sponsorship view a dozen to hundreds of packets a year so individuality and timing is key.

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