• Savannah Becerril

How To Revive Your Brand Engagement With Events in 2021

What will make your company stand out among the competition?

And what will get audiences to engage with your brand over others in 2021?

On average, people are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. That’s a lot of information! And in a year like 2020, there was even more information each day from news and current events. So if you found it hard to keep your brand engagement up this past year, don’t fret.

This month, we’re not going to focus on the past. Instead, we’re looking forward to the future – starting with tips for rebuilding brand engagement with events in 2021!

As our country moves toward improved safety and health, we’ve received lots of anticipation about in-person events. Making savvy plans now for the year ahead will be vital for rebuilding brand engagement with events in 2021.

How To Start Rebuilding Brand Engagement With Events in 2021

Here are some insider tips on how to start rebuilding brand engagement with events in 2021, the savvy and safe way.

Book Your Venue ASAP

An amazing event can do wonders for your brand visibility and engagement. But an in-person event can’t happen without a venue! One of the most important notices we’ve received about event planning this year is that venues are booking up FAST in 2021.

Remember that time when you couldn’t make it to your yoga class one week, so you rescheduled for the following, but then you had to miss the lunch your friends messaged the group chat about last-minute? Well, that’s what is happening in the event world right now, except with all the postponed events from 2020.

So here’s our most important tip for the new year: BOOK NOW – especially if your event is happening less than eight months down the road. Plus, there is no harm in planning early. Most venues have a free or minimal-cost rescheduling policy right now due to COVID-19 and are willing to work with you if you need to reschedule your event.

Stand Out With Creative Off-Season Events

This year, we expect the event sphere to be pretty saturated. People are pushing to get out and meet in-person again! To help your brand stand out among the competition, take advantage of off-season events. Get creative and hold events when others wouldn’t think to do so! For example, January is when many brands take time to plan instead of host. And the summer months are slower too. So these are the perfect times to start rebuilding brand engagement with events in 2021. Get ahead of the competition by being the first to offer a January event. Or, try a Christmas in July party to bring some activity in during the summer. Creativity is key! And that’s where Go Savvy thrives. Ask us how we can help bring unique and creative ideas to increase engagement at your events this year!

Expand Your Event Budget

If you want your event to stand out, it’s best to go all out! Consumers are savvier than ever these days. They can tell right away how much effort was put into an event. Cutting corners may negatively reflect your brand and could do more harm than good for your engagement. So, start the new year with a stand-out event by expanding your budget! Put those savings from your 2020 cancellations to good use by funneling them into your 2021 events. The return in consumer engagement will be well worth it.

Take Control of the Details

Speaking of a budget, a larger event budget is only a plus if it’s used wisely. Make sure that you get what you are paying for by taking control of the details.

For example, if you’re hiring talent for your event, make sure they:

  • Have ample experience

  • Are aligned with your brand image

  • Add to the high-quality atmosphere of the event

It’s not always easy to vet every aspect of your event. If you don’t have control over the details, you could end up paying more for an event that hurts your brand engagement. That’s why working with an event planner can help. At Go Savvy, we have an established network of connections and do all the research for you to make sure your event is fantastic, down to every detail.

Make Events Safe To Increase Engagement

Keep in mind, rebuilding brand engagement with events in 2021 will still focus heavily on safety. What we’re seeing is that people fall into one of two categories: they are either attending all of the events or they are avoiding events all together. Regardless of where your audience stands, safety should still be your top priority. Plus, you want your attendees to focus more on engaging with your brand than worrying about safety measures.

Go Savvy is here to recommend the safety practices you’ll need to keep peace of mind at all of your in-person events this year. And we’ll even help you carry them out in line with government regulations. Aside from in-person gatherings, you can host an unforgettable virtual event online. We can create a custom studio or transform your current space for a virtual event. We take care of everything, including:

  • 2-way communication

  • Broadcast equipment

  • Green screen for backgrounds

  • Helping you choose the right virtual platform

Reach out to us here to start your plan for rebuilding brand engagement with events in 2021 today!

Be Forward-Thinking

Finally, to boost your brand engagement this year, be forward-thinking in your event plans. Think like a creative, an innovator, and a visionary! Consumers are used to being advertised to in the same old ways. So, capture their attention and encourage them to engage with your brand by bringing them new experiences. Wondering how to get started? Go Savvy can help with that.

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