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Plan C: When COVID-19 Strikes, What Do You Do?

If you know Go Savvy, you know we keep things real. These are uncertain times. But we can still take certain measures to instill positivity. Here’s how to keep your event safe without losing its spark! 

COVID-19 Response 

Pause public gatherings (for at least 1-2 months).

Respect federal, state, and local mandates for the safety of our community.

Take health precautions and safety measures With all the COVID-19 information thrown at us daily, it’s hard to keep up. But it’s safe to assume you need to take safety seriously (and not just when we’re in a pandemic). Listening to authorities and taking precautions is priority. With the right communication, technology, and planning, your event can be safe and a success.

Go Virtual

When choosing between a virtual event or none at all, many organizers (including your favorites at Go Savvy 😉) are moving online. Here are our best practices:

Communicate Clearly

Give speakers, sponsors, staff, vendors, and attendees a clear and concise message that you’re monitoring the situation closely, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to go virtual. 

Test Your Online Platform

Whether it’s wifi or system overload, foresee any issues you may encounter by testing at a similar time of your event. For live platforms, let your audience know that you’re testing to ensure an awesome event!

Expect The Unexpected While online, you might experience unexpected buffering and lose a portion of your audience. It’s okay! Those who are truly interested will find ways to stay tuned in or reach out for further information post-event. 

Postpone Events Like A Pro

If you’ve decided on postponing instead...

Pick Up The Pieces

Review your venue and vendor contracts. Make sure there are options available for emergency and global situations like COVID-19. If not, work with your venue and vendors in renegotiating terms that work best for everyone.


Tell speakers, sponsors, staff, vendors, and attendees about your plans to postpone. Thank them for their support and commitment to seeing your event through. 

Keep The Buzz Alive! 

You’ll want to retain your current audience and grow it before the new event date. Social and web presence are key – invest in marketing! Go Savvy has fantastic marketing partners who can assist you throughout COVID-19 –reach out to Go Savvy to get connected. 

Plan Post COVID-19 Celebrations

This too shall pass... and when it does, Americans will be ready for events GALORE! 🎉

Host A Celebration!

People are itching for interaction. Once the stay-at-home order is lifted, your audience will be craving an event to remember. 

Use Your Time Wisely

Normally, we race to meet deadlines. Now, we’re forced to slow down. Take this opportunity to focus on your experiential branding!

Level-Up Your Postponed Events

Improve your postponed events with extra experiences to generate more hype. Have fun with it and be creative!

Start Planning Early

If your date is undecided, you can still plan ahead. Go Savvy has extensive discount offers from venues and vendors for future bookings. Take advantage – these great deals won’t last long! Book your event consultation NOW!

Go Savvy Is Always Here To Help

Go Savvy offers a wide array of services in the event industry including, virtual event planning, event marketing, podcast editing and mastering, cancellation of events and services, and branding services. Have any questions about them? Simply respond to this email.

Stay at home and be safe. We love you Go Savvy friends, clients, and partners!

Your trendy event planner, 

Go Savvy

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