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Celebrating In The Fresh Texas Springtime Air

Updated: May 10, 2021

Now that Texas has thawed out after that blur of a freeze, we’re welcoming Spring with open arms! The sunny days with heavenly temperatures are perfect for entertaining outside. And the reduced risk of COVID-19 makes outdoor parties even more popular this year. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when hosting an outdoor event. We don’t want you to come across any unwelcome last minute surprises, so we’re sharing tips for a seamless outdoor event over the next couple of months – starting with permitting and noise control.

Outdoor Permits Keep The Police Away

If your dream come true event is taking place outdoors, be aware of the various permits you will need.

  • Unless your event is at an established venue, the city may require permits and charge a fee.

  • Parks can be a picturesque event location, and those little signs stating who maintains the park is the light bulb that you’ll probably need a permit.

  • Block parties can be great fun, but any time a street is blocked off or used for any type of event a permit is required.

  • There are also deadlines for certain permits pending on the type of event and location.

Your Go Savvy event planners are fluent in city permit regulations and handle all the behind the scenes paperwork. You can enjoy selecting the entertainment while we cross the t’s and dot the i’s!

Rain Plan Because We Can’t Sing Away Rain Drops

We’ve thrown a lot of events! Rolling with Mother Nature’s punches is part of the job. Anytime an outdoor event is in the works, a rain plan is a must – especially in Houston...

  • Whether you’re moving everything and everyone inside or setting up a tent, you’ll need help. A plan of action involving assigned people willing and able to jump in where needed to make it happen is crucial.

  • Imagine the rain breaking and what all will be exposed. The food, decor, chairs, linens, and more may need to be moved quickly. Having their boxes in close proximity will benefit once you feel those rains drops hit.

  • You’ll want to make sure any elderly or vulnerable guests are assisted out of the elements quickly.

  • Caterers may need assistance moving their setup inside. The bar and bartenders will need to move quickly to keep serving guests to keep the good times rolling.

We are always prepared with a rain plan. As professional party planners, we can move the fun times inside or have additional tenting assembled before you event realize the forecast has changed.

Noise Control Keeps Annoyed Neighbors At Bay

Cities have a noise ordinance prohibiting noise levels above a certain decibel. Not only does excessive noise break the law, it can have ecological effects on nearby wildlife and can stir up problems from neighboring properties.

  • First, learn about the city’s noise ordinance. Second, acquire a permit to lawfully amplify sound at your gathering.

  • Even with permits and observed decibel levels, nearby residents may still complain prompting a visit by the local police.

  • Rather than allowing the fate of your band or DJ to fall to the guesstimating of sound levels by authorities, your Go Savvy planners come prepared with our own decibel reader. Not only does this allow us to be aware of the exact noise level, it can also prove to authorities that the noise is within code.

Planning outdoor events garner a lot of preparation on its own before rain plans, permits, and noise ordinances come into play. Go Savvy covers everything so that you can enjoy your day without the concern of any mishaps. Let’s get your springtime shindig moving before all the canceled events of 2020 stake claim to your ideal date and location!

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