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Thanksgiving Safety Tips: A Family Special

Thanksgiving Dinner Safety Tips 2002
Thanksgiving Dinner Safety Tips 2020

We received some great feedback from our latest blog, "Spark Some Inspiration With Your Pandemic Holiday Parties" on more specific measures to take this holiday season. If your family has decided to gather for Thanksgiving this year, check out these brief safety measures to ensure your best and safe foot forward. This list is comprised of specific safety tips encouraged by the CDC and your Savvy event planners.

Wear A Mask

Wearing a mask throughout your gathering can ensure minimization of spreading air molecules between each other. Yes, it's an extra step having to remove and replace your mask between sips of wine but what's a small step in securing your family's safety? For ease and comfort, consider creating or purchasing a lanyard to keep your mask on your person at all times. Go Savvy has some local designers who can help! Contact us today and we can point you to the right designers.

Do Not Touch Each Other

We get it! You're eating, you're drinking, and you're having a great time catching up with family you haven't seen for several months (some even years). You also don't know where each person has been throughout each second of every day and they don't know the same about you. Therefore, be sure to maintain 6 feet apart and when your family arrives at the door, give a great, big, socially distant "Air Hug" hello!

Make It Easy To Sanitize Often

In addition to encouraging all to wash their hands thoroughly, conveniently place hand sanitizer stations throughout your home, front entry, and backyard. I've created cute signs and will place a table at my entry way and back patio with a sanitizer requiring all who enter to take part.

Take The Gathering Outside

The weather in our local city is set to be perfect for an outdoor family gathering! If you're blessed with great weather or have a patio overhang, consider hosting your Thanksgiving outdoors with increased ventilation and minimize the spread. Don't forget to keep you chairs 6' apart! If you must celebrate inside, be sure to bring in fresh air by opening windows and doors.

Do Not Allow Traffic In The Kitchen

The kitchen is often a common place of gathering as it's central to the home with all of the yummy food on display. This is where it gets tricky, but simply assign 1-2 members of your household to be in the kitchen for meal prep and cleanup. These members will also be the only people to serve the meals (with gloves). Block off multiple entryways if needed. This is critical as there are many plates, dishes, and food items to touch which could increase your risk.

Use Disposable. Use Disposable. Use Disposable.

I'll admit, this topic is a tough one for me as I consider myself very environmentally conscious. However, the safety of my family is at the top of my mind this festive season. Be sure to purchase all plastic serving platters, dishes, utensils, cups, table cloths, tables, and more! You'll want to minimize touch points for the cleanup crew by simply disposing of your plates instead of handing them to another person to clean.

Final Tips

  • Clean and disinfect your home prior to guest arrival. Door knobs, furniture, tables, chairs, go Lysol crazy!

  • Limit the number of guests. If you come from a large family like I do, size it down to only immediate family this year.

  • Have guests bring their own food and drink.

  • Have a conversation of expectations with your guests prior to the big day. It's important that you are all on the same page.

*Catch more tips from the CDC website here.

We hope this quick list of Do's and Don'ts works well for your family gathering. Have a wonderful 2020 Thanksgiving and remember to keep your savvy event planners in mind for your next great event!

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