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To Gather Or Not To Gather? This Is Today's Question

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To gather or not to gather? That’s the question many of us have as Stay-At-Home mandates are ending and public spaces are gradually reopening. While it’s exciting news, there hasn’t been an official “all-clear” for hosting public events yet. So What's The Consensus On Gathering? We reached out to clients, other businesses, and industry professionals to ask when they would feel comfortable gathering again. So far, 60% of individuals responded that they would not feel safe at events of 100+ attendees until late 2020 or possibly early 2021.

However, our survey is just getting started. We've noticed people are starting to gather outdoors in groups of 10 or more in anticipation of their long-awaited freedom through activities such as, close-contact sports, full-spread picnics, and evengroup fitness classes. If people are going to be gathering anyway, why not help them do it safely?

Go Savvy has some ideas for how you can satisfy growing excitement for gatherings by prioritizing themes of safety at your events.

Implement Safety Features… In A Fun Way!  The Go Savvy team can’t wait to provide unforgettable experiences for you and your audience. Taking the proper measures to ensure the safety of every client, guest, and staff member is essential. But this doesn’t mean fear has to overshadow the fun!

Go Savvy is taking extra precaution to ensure safety measures are taken, including the following... 

  • Adjust event spacing via aisles, floor markers, and seating 6' apart

  • Provide safety masks and encouraging guests to bring their own

  • Supply hand sanitizers and wipes

  • Outfit the event with xtra hand-washing stations

  • Ensure caterers wear gloves for handling/distribution of food – removing the potential for any cross-contamination

  • Require event staff wear gloves and masks

We’re full of ideas on how to implement safety without detracting from your event’s purpose:

Integrate Distance Into The Design 

Use 6’ as an opportunity to have larger and more elaborate place settings at a long table or footstools for more leg room between seating. 

Wear Safety Masks In Style

Provide masks styled around the theme of your event. Go Savvy can even order custom face masks.

Make Communication Easier

It’s difficult to see a person’s facial expression under their mask. Provide attendees with photo props they can hold up to communicate with others in an amusing way.

Safety-Themed Giveaways

Everyone loves a giveaway. Stock favors with hand sanitizer or wipes.

It Pays to Plan Now We mean it – literally and figuratively! With careful planning and the right venue and vendor relationships, Go Savvy will help you throw a postponed event that is even better than initially anticipated. In fact, we currently have special discount offers from select venues and vendors simply by booking now for a later date. It pays to plan now! Still Going Virtual? Go Savvy has the resources to create a custom studio setting or accommodate already-booked spaces for your virtual event. We can assist you in hosting a virtual event at new heights with:

  • Two-way communication

  • Broadcasting equipment

  • Green screen for custom-generated backgrounds

  • Creative content and technical development

  • Online and direct feed distribution

  • Panel discussions and presentations

  • Coordination with in-house / client IT services

  • Live feed recording and more!

Whether you’re hosting online or in-person, Go Savvy is here to help you safely get ready sooner rather than later. Reach out TODAY and schedule your future event! Your trendy event planner,  Go Savvy P.S. Can you spare a minute or two to help us? Let us know your thoughts about post-COVID-19 events here.

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