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Go Savvy is a creative event planning and branding firm that will help you express your story to your target audience. Whether you are launching a product, hosting a social gathering, or private event, Go Savvy is happy to create and manage all of the details for you.
In a bustling metropolitan city with numerous events taking place each day, it can be difficult to effectively connect with your desired audience. Go Savvy is reaching the heart of what shapes communities - ITS PEOPLE. Go Savvy will display and share the branding narratives of entrepreneurial endeavors, crafty artists, aspiring musicians, and highlights of a community. We are here to help businesses and artists connect and build fruitful relationships with their target audience via events and branding strategy. Call us today to learn more about how we can improve your connections!
Go Savvy will pave the way in creating a culture of savvy people - containing a well-rounded knowledge of their community.



Native Houstonian and Go Savvy founder, Savannah B. grew up helping others. Between music and sports, Savannah spent most of her time volunteering for outreach programs at her local church. She received her certification in audio engineering and furthered her education with a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelors in Marketing from the University of Houston.


Her life experiences in music, event planning, business marketing and education led Savannah to create Go Savvy. Go Savvy is a full scale and purpose driven event planning and promotion firm for businesses, nonprofits, and professional artists.

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