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The Mindful Reset


Release ~ Discover ~ Empower

September 8th-10th

Early bird special ends July 6th!

An event for women



   Get ready for the women's event of the year! We are back and even better with the fabulous second annual Mindful Reset - A women's conference that will help you RELEASE stress, DISCOVER your gifts, and EMPOWER you to be the best version of YOU. 

   This year, we are focusing on breaking down the social barriers we as women, hold for ourselves such as... always apologizing, always saying yes to please others, putting everyone else's needs before our own. It is possible to be loving, nurturing, intelligent, and lead without overly sacrificing our personal needs and we at the Mindful Reset want to show you how!

   Grab your girlfriends and join hard-working women like yourselves for a day of fun, relaxation, meditation, and education on how to help empower your life through your work, at home, and on the street.


Event features & sessions include:

  • Breakfast & Lunch

  • Yoga & Self Awareness

  • Self Defense

  • Relationships & Communication

  • The Art of Saying No

  • Wellness

  • Journaling & Crafts

  • Swag giveaways

  • Immersive photo backdrop


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Our Speakers

Yoga & Meditation
A peaceful preparation of mind and body


John Marshall, founder of Humessence

John Marshall is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher at BIG Power Yoga in Houston, a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher on Insight Timer, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and the founder of Humessence—a coaching and organization development firm focused on bringing the human essence to modern business. Humessence helps individuals and organizations define their visions and build them through facilitating positive behavior change, psychological safety, and connection. Positive psychology or coaching psychology, the study of what makes people and organizations thrive—Humessence is the application of this research, a platform for restoring humanity in the workplace and helping people live their best and boldest lives.

The art of saying no


Laura Bytheway, CEO of Bytheway Coaching

Laura Bytheway is a certified Life Coach specializing in helping people affected by narcissist abuse to design and create an amazing life. After years of emotional abuse, her clients undo their survival patterns to unveil their true selves, plus more wealth, healthy relationships, peace and love along the way. Saying no, setting boundaries, and learning to love yourself is just the beginning. Laura resides in Houston, TX with her husband and three adorable kids.



Chelsie Ward

Chelsie Ward has been a student of the human mind and body for over 20 years. She has a background in Applied Behavior Analysis, is a Registered Nurse, FDN Practitioner, and spiritual healer. She works with independent, driven, fun-loving women who are tired of hiding from life trying to figure out digestive and hormone imbalances on their own and supports them with a personalized plan so they can love themselves and feel good in their own skin. She is the author of “Healed His Way” where she shares natural healing techniques that have been used by many others so they can experience health the way it was intended.

Relationships and communication

SM Headshot.JPG

Sandra Martinez

Sandra Martinez is a communications and marketing expert with a B.A. from University of St. Thomas. She is also a master certified Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming, which has helped her develop an understanding for how people think and behave. Sandra believes that everyone can achieve excellence by evaluating their situation and implementing strategies for success. Sandra is passionate about personal development, and modeling the principles for a blissful life. She is also a Tedx speaker, and the Chair of the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas, Houston Chapter. Sandra provides inspiration and expertise everywhere she goes, and helps others reach their goals to live blissfully fulfilling lives.

Self Defense


James Wadley

At the age of 6, James Wadley started training in Taekwondo. The discipline, determination, and goal setting helped James through the years to be one the best teachers and dedicated leaders in his field. He has trained in multiple martial art styles and is an accomplished black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 4th degree black belt in Judo, 6th degree black belt in Taekwondo, and a 7th degree black belt in Japanese Jujutsu. As a father of 3, he shares his passion for teaching children. As an adult, he shares the skills that have shaped him into the successful businessman that he is today. He attributes his success to the training he received through martial arts. Mr. Wadley is a co-founder of the Grappling Zone Corporation and serves on the business advisory board.



Saturday, August 6th

8:45am               Breakfast & Check-In


9:00am               Yoga

9:45am               Welcome

10:00am             Breakout Session 1 

                           (The Art of Saying No)

10:45am             Breakout Session 2

                           (Relationships and Communication) 

11:30pm             Lunch & Session 3


12:30pm             Journaling

1:00pm               Self Defense

2:00pm               Swag Crafting



Spacing is limited so register today!


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The Mindful Reset:

Sesh Coworking - 2808 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77004

OUR Hosts

Cyndi Dinh
  • Managing director of The Strategic CFO & Franchise owner of The Rustic Brush

Proud mom, spoiled wife, brave daughter, creative crafter, & inspired leader

Savannah Becerril
  • Owner of Go Savvy Event Planning & Branding

Certified audio engineer, savvy creative, proud dog mom, hiker, adventure seeker, faith-driven, proud Cooger alumni

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