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Go Savvy Is Making Events Work For You In 2022

Whether you’re new to our corner of the internet or have been following along since day 1, it’s pretty obvious that WE LOVE EVENTS! But in a recent conversation, I realized that some companies feel hesitant to host an event because they don’t know what will work for their target audience.

Sure, mix and mingle networking events can be fun. Invite like-minded people, offer some complimentary cocktails, and pass hors d'oeuvres – bam, you’ve got a group having fun and getting to know each other. But that’s not for everyone or every brand. In fact, depending on your industry, you may want to go into an entirely different direction with your experiential events. Over the years, Go Savvy has had the opportunity to plan all types of occasions.

We’ve seen it all, from networking mixers to sporting events, galas, out-of-town retreats, workshops, grand openings, and so much more. So this month, we want to take the time to highlight key starter event ideas you may want to consider for your business.

Health & Wellness Businesses

Host A Workshop Small workshops are great starting blocks to larger events as they help identify your target audience, gain quality one-on-one feedback, and are relatively low cost to your business. Your first workshop should have no more than 15-20 people in attendance. Volunteer At Speaking Engagements As a health and wellness expert, we recommend taking advantage of speaking engagements. By simply volunteering your time, this is a super easy and low cost method to get your foot in the door to gain exposure with a new audience.

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Plus, an energy drink conference? That could last for days! *Ba Dum Tsh! Jokes aside, it’s also important to have your portfolio and speaking topics ready to present to the organization or planner executing the event. For event planners, there’s nothing better than having a speaker who’s on their A-game and ready to roll. Plus, you’ll be on their top list to call for the next event!

Advisory & Finance Businesses

Host A Free Coffee Advice Hour Build partnerships within your community by striking up a deal with your local coffee shop. For one hour during the day (either once a week or once a month), comp everyone’s lattes and offer free advice.

Remember to keep advice and time to a minimum. Especially if you’ve got a great crowd, you want to be short, sweet, and to the point. Leave the guests wanting more in a formal consultation.

Real Estate Businesses

Host A Free Coffee Advice Hour You can mimic the same concept as mentioned above. Because, why not? So many people have questions about real estate and don’t know who to ask. Make your business available by providing easy access. Host A Pop-Up Booth Join in on the fun at your local farmers' market or neighborhood festival with your very own booth. Ask Go Savvy about branding materials because you’ll want to do it all (plus some goodies like candy, coffee, or desserts). You can even take the fun up a notch with giveaway prizes or even use a Prize Wheel. Everyone will want to feel like they’re on Wheel Of Fortune.

Products Industry

If you have a product to sell, you probably already know event options will vary depending on your end goal. Launching a product? Building brand awareness? Trying to increase sales? Here’s the secret, all of these topics encompass one main feature – your brand. In a world where eye-catching and sensory stimulation is at an all-time high, your brand comes first and your product second. Whatever type of event you choose, be sure your brand is on point and your product actually works. Host A Pop-Up Booth Choose a location and event type that fits with your target audience. Make sure to bring plenty of free swag and make it fun! Sponsor An Event Your donated items will have a cost, but this is an easy way to get your product into your consumer market’s hands. Plus, who doesn’t love a good swag bag? And as a sponsor, ask the event organizer to provide contact information for all the guests in attendance.

Key Pointers (No Matter Your Event Type)
  • Be strategic about where you are hosting. Don’t host a pop-up booth, speak at a conference, or show up in a venue not in line with your target demographic. Your time is money. Make it work for you!

  • BRAND. BRAND. BRAND. We can’t say it enough. You need to showcase your brand. This is your business’ time to shine, and you want people to remember your brand – even if it’s a simple, “Oh yeah! I remember you guys had the cool…”

  • Show up and know your stuff. Preparation is key for a successful event.

Obviously, you can do some of these ideas on your own. However, you may need further assistance with others. At Go Savvy, our mission is to help support business and organization growth through live experiences at every level. We wish you nothing but good luck in 2022 and can't wait to see your events in action!

Your forward-thinking event planner,

Go Savvy

Go Live ~ Go Experience ~ Go Savvy

P.S. If your industry was not discussed in this edition, please feel free to reach out and get the conversation started. We'd love to share more ideas on how you can get involved in the event industry.

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