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Following Through... Just In Time For Spring

We're entering Q2 all blooms ahead. What is Q2 bringing your way?

For Go Savvy, we’re looking at:

☀️ Outdoor festivals and fundraisers

🌸 Spring-themed mixers and graduation parties

📊 Readjustments to annual business goals

💰 Watchful eyes over the economy and how it affects marketing spend

Spring showers have encouraged reflection and analyzation as we take notes on your event choices in response to the current economic status. Yep, we’ve seen some purse strings tighten and wallets held close, but we’ve also heard a common question lately:

Why? As in, Why are we even throwing this event?

Why host an event?
Why host an event

Let us start by saying that the Go Savvy team is incredibly proud of all of our friends and clients for asking this pivotal question. We’ve gone through a weird and unprecedented time together, and now we’re adjusting to the newest version of normal. As we move further past the strange COVID days, we are entering into a new era where the days of simply throwing a fun event for kicks and giggles (and tax write-offs) are gone. Now, we’re saying hello to the days of intentional, purpose-driven events that produce an effective following and client base. However, as this concept continues to warm the hearts of every CMO across the nation, the one crucial element that we at Go Savvy want to stress is…Follow through!

Event follow through leads to business growth
Event follow through leads to business growth

Back to the question of why?

The answer: Experiential events drive businesses forward. Although, it’s important to remember that no event investment is successful without the practice of following through. The current state of the economy means there’s an intense focus on cost savings and efficiencies. This means organizers like us, are placing an increased focus on ROI for your event. What does that mean for business owners? This means taking that extra step to follow through is a must. The Go Savvy team will guide you through the nitty gritty, but here’s a sneak peek…

In most cases, event follow through does not break the bank. In fact, it’s one of the more cost-efficient features of hosting a purpose-driven event. The issue is that it’s an often forgotten next step in the planning process. Event hosts and producers are usually tired after their successful experience. What they’re looking forward to next is either rest (no blame there!), or the next adventure. This results in lack of attendee follow ups to leverage their experience for increased brand loyalty.

Ensure you follow through with your next event with these quick tips:

📝 Plan Ahead

🖥️ Automate

😃 Incentivize

Don’t worry! We’ve got more... To access our full Guide To Practicing Event Follow Through, check out our upcoming workshop, AMPLIFY: Boost Your Business Through Events.

Go Savvy is excited to partner with FocusCopy again and host the AMPLIFY workshop. This special workshop will focus on educating businesses on the practice of proper content and brand application for their purpose-driven events. Attendees will receive the Guide To Practicing Event Follow Through as bonus material for attending the event! Space is limited so register today!

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