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Navigating Topic-Sensitive Events & Cooling Off In The Summer Sun

So much has been going on in the world.

And for many of us, we find ourselves conflicted about who to side with, how to react, and what steps to take next. The topics on the news, social media feeds, and even group chats have mentions about border patrol, pride month, abortion, gun control, and more. No matter which side you're on, there will be someone criticizing your stance. And how your business chooses to react (or not to react) can pull more heat than you're ready to handle. As your friends, we want to say we’re sorry if you’re struggling. However, as an event planning and promotions firm, we’d also like to say that we are here for you and your events. Should your business or organization decide to host an event that may include some sensitive topics, we can help you with the planning process.

4 Savvy Tips To Planning Events With Sensitive Topics

This month, we are taking the time to share some helpful tips on how you can plan a topic-sensitive event in your community.

1. Hire A Professional Event Planner

We can’t stress this tip enough. Hiring a pro is the first step in placing your event on the track to success. The Go Savvy team will take great measures to cover all the details so you can focus on executing your mission in a manner that will be received by all who listen. 2. Communicate Effectively With Your PR Team

It is imperative that you and your PR team have a clear understanding of where you stand with your event. Especially if you're hosting a topic-sensitive event, a PR firm will be your best friend.

*Savvy Pro Tip – Go Savvy will handle this for you. We work with PR firms all the time to ensure the right message reaches the public through effective outlets. 3. Be Transparent About Your Mission With Tactfulness “What you do in the dark will come to light.” This is the saying I learned in Sunday school, and the same one my mother ALWAYS repeated in her attempts to keep me out of trouble 🙄😜. To this day, this phrase lives in the back of my mind and I truly believe in its meaning. To that point, when executing a sensitive topic to the public, you must strive to remain transparent and professional at all times. Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean losing tact. In fact, tactfulness is the ability to tell the truth in a way that considers other people’s feelings and reactions. 4. Hire Security To Keep Guests Safe Hiring security is NOT the time to cut corners. For some eventgoers, it could be a matter of life and death. But it’s important to know which level of security you will need for your event. A few factors that can help decipher the level of security you’ll need to include: 🍸 Will alcohol be served? 👨‍🎤 Are you hosting celebrities or controversial public figures? 👮 Does your venue already provide a level of security? And what does that include? Depending on your answers, you may need lighter or heavier security. And when it comes to security, you have options! Some of the most common event security choices include:

  • Bouncers

  • Unarmed guards

  • Armed guards

  • Police officers

  • Electronic security devices (like scanners)

The goal is for your event to be a success. And for that to happen, you must mitigate any and all risks to your attendees. These are just a few tips we recommend as a purpose-driven corporate and nonprofit event planner.

Ready To Host A Fun Summer Event?

Now that the serious talk is out of the way, don’t forget to take the time to host some fun summer events! Need some ideas?

🏖️ We Love A Great Pool Party

Have you seen the meme warning the newest Houston transplants? It says, “Houston is only preheating,” and isn’t that the truth! As the summer sun gets hotter and hotter, homegrown Houstonians know this is just the beginning 🥵. So give the people what they want – and that is to cool off with the pool party they’ve been craving! Plus, think of all the useful goodies you can provide with your company’s logo taking center stage:

  • Pool safe cups or water bottles

  • Beach towels

  • Hats or visors

  • Koozies

  • Sunglasses

  • Chapstick

  • Tote bags

  • Beach balls

  • Frisbees

Just think how fun it will be for each guest to leave with a quality swag bag filled with useful items to take on their next vacation!

🛶 Nothing Beats Company Retreats

Nothing beats those awkward team building exercises that bring a team together 🤣.

Jokes aside, company retreats are great options to reward your team for a job well done and up the enthusiasm for the next quarter. Make it a staycation or leave the city for the beach, hill country, or lakeside retreat. There’s nothing like getting out of the hum-drum of normal life to reset and recharge.

🎄Christmas In July ☀️

This is your cue to start planning your Christmas event now!

But in the meantime, what’s summer without a little Christmas in July celebration?

Think of the fun your team and their children will have with fake snow and maybe even a Santa in board shorts? Decorate surfboards with holiday tinsel and ask your vendors to create summery spins on classic Christmas bites and libations.

Have a specific event in mind? Or need to talk out your options with the savviest team around? Contact us today to get your event planning started!

Your forward-thinking event planner,

Go Savvy

Go Live ~ Go Experience ~ Go Savvy

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