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The Holiday Season Is Your Brand’s Time To Shine

The holidays are a time when people expect extra celebration – a time of merriment and togetherness. Hosting a fun holiday event is a great opportunity (and an easy excuse) to have a ton of fun while personally connecting with your clients. In fact, did you know…

  • Experiential marketing now ranks as one of the top five marketing strategies companies currently leverage. (Hubspot)

  • 91% of consumers reported that they would be more inclined to purchase the brand’s product or service after participating in a brand activation or experience, and 40% felt they became more loyal to the brand. (EventTrack 2021)

Moving forward, more than ever, people will return to live events, conferences, and brand experiences to satisfy the desire to make much-needed, real-life connections. If you haven’t already done so with your company, hosting a festive holiday party is a great start to building those quality connections.

‘Tis The Season To Create Reason And Bring Meaning To Your Brand! Are you wondering, “Ok, but where do I start?” You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging, right?... Of course not! We’ve got all the tips and tricks right here. However, if you’d rather leave all the planning to the experts, just drop us a line here!

Identify The Goal Of Your Event

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating for celebrations’ sake. Although, there’s nothing like a holiday party to work towards a strategic goal. Why not have fun and boost business? When dialing in on your event goal, consider:

  • Is this a celebration?

  • Do you want to generate leads for the new year?

  • Are you planning to show appreciation for all who worked so hard to get your company to where it is now?

Sometimes the simplest events turn out to be the most memorable. You’d be surprised by how eloquently your savvy event planner can pull off both simple and elaborate events that are remembered for all the right reasons.

Choose The Type Of Holiday Party You Want To Host

Set the tone for what your guests can expect and, of course, what to wear! Going for a theme? Make sure to give specifics of how you’d like your attendees to dress:

  • Holiday sweaters

  • Costumes (be sure to give details to help them get into the theme)

  • Black tie

  • Onesie extravaganza

It never hurts to offer inspiration for costume themes. Plus, you can incentivize your guests to have fun by offering prizes for various accolades. Rather than just awarding best dressed, think:

  • Creativity

  • Most time on hair and makeup

  • Best homemade costume

  • Punniest

  • Jolliest

The point is to have fun!

Be Specific About Your Audience

Make sure you have a clear idea of who you want in attendance. For example:

  • Do you want to include employees or clients only?

  • What about your quality business partners who have helped your business grow over the past year?

  • Is this a good time to bring in sponsors?

Whether you want to show appreciation or simply celebrate with employees, clients, referral partners, or all of the above – figure out what your budget will allow so that everyone will have a fantastic time!

Don’t Forget Those Fabulous Holiday Giveaways!

People love freebies! What better way to connect with your clients personally than through a holiday party? There are so many ways to go about this, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Funky branded freebie swag items

  • Discounted services

  • Really get into the holiday spirit and offer free services or products!

  • Makes someone’s holiday season more special by being a little more generous this time of year

Capture The Festivities For Memories…And Promotion!

No matter what style of party you throw, be sure to capture great footage. This will be useful in the promotion of your company on social media AND for future events. Whether you’re a fan of social media or not, “it didn’t happen unless you’ve got footage...” We want to help you connect with your audience without losing focus of the goal – to build brand awareness, thank loyal customers, or drum up new business. The holidays are the perfect time to finally throw the epic party you’ve been dreaming of, and your friends at Go Savvy are ready to make it a reality. We’re always happy to consult with you, so reach out and let’s talk company parties! Your forward-thinking event planner,

Go Savvy

Go Live ~ Go Experience ~ Go Savvy

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